At Bow River Dental we use digital X-Ray technology to ensure your health and safety. 
Our X-Ray system is called Digital Radiography or Digital X-Ray. This system is more comfortable and safer for the patient than some of the old systems that have previously been used. This method of taking an X-Ray is done instantly via a computerized X-Ray system and can be easily emailed as well.

By using this technology, your exposure to radiation is reduced by 90%. It also allows us to see in greater detail any areas of periodontal disease, unerupted teeth, tooth decay, abnormal growths and the overall condition of your mouth.

Using a direct connection to our computer equipment is all it takes, so we don't have the previous waiting time for x-rays to develop. With these digital pictures, we can instantly lighten or darken and view teeth as a 3-dimensional image speeding up the diagnosis time for your dentist.

Cancer Screening Tests

Bow River Dental offers regular cancer screening with an instrument called a VELscope. The VELscope is used by shinning a light on the inner tissues of the mouth showing any irregularities.

Did you know?

In North America, approximately 34,000 people were diagnosed with oral cancer and 8,500 died from the disease in 2006.

You are at an increased risk of developing oral cancer if you smoke, drink alcohol, and/or are over 40.

25% of oral cancer cases don't fit the high-risk profile.

Unfortunately, only 35% of oral cancer cases are diagnosed in the early stages.

Intra-Oral Camera

Another tool that we use at Bow River Dental to show you the condition that your mouth is in.